Episode 26: Lets Take a Walk Down Nostalgia Road

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Steve and are here for episode 26.  The Save Point Podcast is now partnered with www.ouchthathertz.com and the www.bspodcastnetwork.com. If you like what you hear please subscribe, comment and rate us.  Tell us how we are doing

In this Episode..

Jesus Asks “Whats the longest video game series you have played?” (1:22)

What Steve has been playing (11:37).

What has Jesus been playing (20:14)

Is Steve getting a Switch? (29:50)

Pokemon movie talk  (33:15)

Gameboy talk, All the feels  (36:00)

Discless Xbox? (43:00)

Days Gone cutscene discussion (51:25)

Anthem again (61:00)

Did Sonic get Anthemed? (67:00)

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