Who are we?

We are a group of friends that like to talk about games and nerdy things.  Dan leads the way. Steven follows with his soapbox. Jesus brings his collectibles. Grace dodges the internet boys. Tuesday collects the Pokemon. Together we talk everything gaming. PlayStation. Sony. Xbox. Microsoft. Switch. Nintendo. PC master race. We review games and chat about the state of the industry. Join our rotating hosts as they discuss what they’ve been playing every week, because believe me, they play something (anything) every week. Join us and don’t forget to save your game. Partnered with OuchThatHertz.com.


creator / host / producer

Dan is our fearless leader and still entrenched in the console wars, except now he has a PC.

Twitter: @FuzzyBacon27


host / producer / editor

Steve is a diehard Fallout fanatic that gets on his dumb soapbox far to quickly for far too long.

Twitter: @SteveZer0